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House of XY » Thanks

All House of XY contributors are proudly gay and that’s exactly how we like it! We are surrounded by people that are all incredibly talented in different fields, and we’re so grateful to them for helping us realize our dream. Feel free to check them out on the web by clicking their names. Allow us to introduce, in no particular order:

Graphic designer extraordinaire, responsible for our brilliant logo and wicked business cards.

Web designer sublime, responsible for our bits and bites.

Digital retouch superhero, responsible for the Flush, Hottest Blue, The Fame Perception & Filthy Beef and All That Glitters galleries.

Photoshop miracle worker, responsible for the glowy magic in Phosphor and the burning hot fire in Burning Knight.

Graphic design wonder, responsible for the Bear Necessity poster designs.

Writer deluxe, responsible for proofing the initial website.