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House of XY » Meet The Guys
Meet The Guys

Our name is a reference to the male chromosomes and a cheeky salute to two married guys who prefer it to the female ones — Dirk and Pieter. When Dirk studied photography in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, he was always taught one thing: when you‘re really passionate about the things you shoot, your audience will feel it. So what’s his passion? Porn of course! But not just any porn, we’re talking the high budget kind. As Dirk says,

“For me sex has to look slick and sexy, which isn’t as simple as it sounds. There’s a lot of complicated tech involved, yet for the viewer it has to look effortless.”

This is where Pieter comes in. Having been in a relationship with Dirk for over 10 years, he understands his mindset and photography like nobody else, which makes him a brilliant assistant both on and off set. He is crucial in creating the right atmosphere for both model and photographer.

As time went by a talented team of creative geniuses surrounded them. From a retouch artist to a graphic designer, from a web designer to a set designer. At the moment they are even in talks with a fashion designer, to add a few inches of fabric to all that flesh.

Both Dirk and Pieter and all the creatives around them share a lifelong appreciation of the naked (and erect) male form. And to be honest, who can blame them? This, combined with their knowledge of how to create the ultimate fantasy world through a lens, makes them the new superpower in gay erotica.

So, now you’ve met the guys, they’d like to welcome you to their house. Feel free to stay as long as you like!